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Workshop: "What Center? Whose Extremes? Critical Engagements with the Category of Mainstreaming", (Prof. Dr. Nitzan Shoshan)

3GO-Workshop 3GO + OLTECH 3GO + Graduiertenakademie 3GO

The concept of mainstreaming is used frequently for describing the surge of far-right, nationalist politics in Europe. The concept may denote two interrelated processes. On the one hand, it may refer to deliberate attempts to make far-right positions attractive to a majority of voters, for whom far right ideology is supposedly alien. On the other hand, mainstreaming may refer to long-term changes in cultural production, whereby the demand for and the supply of artifacts that promote conservative and far-right worldviews rise. The workshop engenders critical engagement with both readings of mainstreaming. Who does the mainstreaming? What are different mechanisms of mainstreaming? How can we study different dimensions of mainstreaming – cultural, social, political or psychological? Does the metaphor of mainstreaming necessarily reproduce the notion of the German polity as being endangered by various extremists (left, right, religious), equally threatening the liberal democratic order? Given the concept's vagueness should we rather use an alternative such as normalization or politicization?

14.01.20, 10.00 – 14.00, V03 0-C003, registration via Stud.IP 

In Kooperation mit dem Projekt “Popular Music and the Rise of Populism in Europe” (

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Geschäftsführung und Koordination:
Rea Kodalle
S 1-130
+49 (0)441 798-5481


Koordination der Programme für Studierende/Evaluation:
Robert Mitschke


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