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Reflexivity in qualitative online interviewing. Juggling data protection (Dr. Anna Schwenck)

3GO-Workshop 3GO + OLTECH 3GO + Graduiertenakademie

Webinar „Reflexivity in qualitative online interviewing. Juggling data protection with software performance and with building rapport“

The workshop will be held in English and German.

How do researchers' choices of available online video tools affect building rapport with interviewees?

The workshop deals with questions specific to online qualitative interviewing:

  • How to comprehensively inform interviewees about risks and rights of data protection without overwhelming them with legalistic and IT jargon?
  • How to conduct a survey after the interview?
  • What to do about consent forms?

Besides, the workshop responds to the scarcity in practical offers that heighten young researchers' skills of planning interviews, but also of self-reflection during and after the interview regarding issues such as emotional involvement, assessment of questions, wording, the speed of 
questioning, the ability to endure breaks, and, for sure, the building of rapport.

The first part of the workshop consists of the discussion of the assigned readings. The aim is to collaboratively establish some basic knowledge on the interview process and the differences of online and offline interviews. There will be also room to reflect on participants' research projects and the pros and cons of online interviewing with regard to their research questions.

In the second part of the workshop all participants will then have the chance to interview others and making the experience to be interviewed themselves.
Besides, the third role of a witness of the conversation allows to look closely at:

  • interactions without being directly involved in the interview,
  • issues such as the general atmosphere of the interview (tensed/ relaxed, rushed/ slowish)
  • leading or ethically challenging questions and comments by the interviewer
  • possible readings of facial expressions and gestures

All these phenomena can be observed and interpreted at best when one is not busy with keeping the conversation going or searching for answers.

The participants will have the opportunity to take filmed video clips at home so that they can compare their own reflections with the situation as it is recorded on video (if they agree).

The workshop consists of two appointments:

Thu., 16.07.2020 15:00 - 18:00 Uhr
Fr., 17.07.2020 15:00 -18:00 Uhr

Max. participants:

Category A: Verbreiterung und Vertiefung von Fachwissen

Dr. Anna Schwenck

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The workshop is organized by 3GO. 

For further information on this workshop please contact:
Geschäftsführung und Koordination
Rea Kodalle
Raum: S 1-130
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Email: 3gvjxo@uol.dtwe


16. Juli 2020, 15:00 – Enddatum: 17. Juli 2020, 18:00



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