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Qualitative Empirical Research: Epistemological Foundations, Research Ethics, Data Acquisition and Analysis

3GO-Workshop 3GO + Graduiertenakademie 3GO + Kulturen der Partizipation

The workshop offers a condensed introduction into qualitative empirical research for PhD students – especially in the social sciences and the humanities (candidates from other disciplines are welcome).

It covers several topics:

  • Which theoretical framework can I use with which set of methods - the connection between epistemology (theory of knowledge) and methodology (systematic analysis of the methods).
  • Who can benefit from my research and which risks are involved for whom – the question of research ethics.
  • Which methods should I select to answer my research question – an overview over data acquisition techniques.
  • Which methods should I select for analyzing my empirical data – an overview over analytical strategies. 

The workshop is based on discussion of methodological texts that will be made available in beforehand and on the research proposal and/or research material of the participants. In order to tailor the workshop to the needs of the participants everyone is invited to hand in a shortened research proposal highlighting the methodological decisions and problems (approximately 3 pages plus references) by October 30th.  

Dr. Lüder Tietz is trained both as a cultural anthropologist and as a clinical psychologist. He is specialized on gender and queer issues as well as on methodological questions. He teaches in various study programs (e.g. cultural analysis, museums and exhibitions, migration and cross-cultural relations) at the CVO University Oldenburg. More information (in German):

Register/Anmeldung: Stud.IP.


02. November 2017, 13:00 – Enddatum: 09. November 2017, 19:00

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