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A Gentle Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences and Humanities

Speaker: Dr. rer. pol. Berna Öney 

Statistics is the backbone of modern science, including the social sciences. Statistical literacy is crucial today not only for academic studies but also for our daily routines. This workshop offers a solid foundation in statistical reasoning with a gentle and concise introduction, which would be the launch pad for understanding multivariate statistics and multiple regression analysis.
Learning statistics can be a daunting experience, but this workshop aims to show participants that statistical reasoning is actually very intuitive, fun, easy to learn and implement. It will cover the basic concepts of statistics – descriptive and inferential statistics – and probability theory. By employing various ways to learn and present the data descriptively, the workshop delves into the probability theory and ends with a discussion of statistical inference. The emphasis will be both on how to deduce information about a sample from a population and to infer conclusions about a population from a sample.
By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to understand the statistical reasoning behind the basic research methods, evaluate their use in published research and apply some of the basic techniques to their own research. This workshop also provides an opportunity for the non-native English speakers to get familiar with the basic terminology of statistics in English and to practice English in a scientific setting.


Participants restriction: 16

Registration: Stud.IP.



20. April 2018

(Stand: 23.10.2020)