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Digital Humanities: text-based research in the digital age

3GO-Workshop 3GO + Graduiertenakademie 3GO + Kulturen der Partizipation

The advent of information technology has greatly expanded the methodological toolkit of scholars in the Humanities. The amount of digitized texts has greatly increased, and simultaneously also the amount of computer tools which can be used to analyze these texts. The workshop presents an introduction to the new possibilities and will help you how to find your way. The topics that will be discussed are:


-How does Humanities research change with so much material being in digital form?

-What kind of questions can be addressed?

-Which methods can be used?

-Which tools are available that are easy to use?


The workshop consists of a scholarly introduction with research examples from the teacher and a hands-on part in which you will learn to use two (freely available) tools: AntConc and the Stylo Package for R. To prepare for the workshop you will be asked to install both tools on your personal laptop and to gather a set of text files you would like to use. A corpus of test texts will also be provided. Instructions will be provided two weeks before the workshop.


Prof. dr Karina van Dalen-Oskam (Huygens ING, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) teaches Computational Literary Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She has a background in literary studies, name studies, and lexicography. She is project leader of The Riddle of Literary Quality, which tries to unlock modern-day conventions of literariness in the Netherlands. The project combines methods from different research disciplines, including sociology and computer science.


ANMELDUNG: Die Anmeldung zu Workshops erfolgt ab WiSe 2017/18 über Stud.IP. Externe fordern dazu bitte unter 3go(at) einen Gastzugang an.


30. November 2017, 10:00

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