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Call for Bids

We hereby advertise for bids 2 vacancies as student assistant in an international transdisciplinary research project.

It is conducted by the department of neurosurgery the anatomical institute of EMS University Oldenburg (Germany) together with the anatomical institute of UMCG Groningen (Netherlands) and is planned over 3 years.

The project is funded by the faculty VI University Oldenburg (Germany) and payment according to Groningen fees is offered.

All work will be done at UMCG.

Furthermore, the student assistants will have the opportunity to accomplish a proper master thesis. Detailed information about the master thesis can be obtained from

The goal of this study is to find out whether MRI and anatomical dissection of the lumbosacral plexus within the same fresh frozen cadavers/ body donors yield comparable results of the individual anatomy.

The tasks of the student assistants are:

            Preparation and transportation of the cadavers from anatomy to MRI and back

            Assist in the anatomical dissections

            Support data collection and assessment


Please send your short CV and a brief motivational letter (max. half page) to let us know why you are interested to work in this project.


Good English and/or Dutch skills, high motivation and organization capacities, willingness/ readiness to work with cadavers, EMS student

Please send your application forms to until December 21st 2018

Title of Masterthesis I:

Variants of retroperitoneal nerves in fresh frozen bodies – a comparative study to literature

Title of Masterthesis II:

Variants of retroperitoneal vessels in fresh frozen bodies – a comparative study to literature

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