Abstract Warzybok


Prediction of binaural speech intelligibility in normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners: a psychoacoustically motivated extension

Anna Warzybok
CvO Universität Oldenburg

A binaural model capable of predicting speech intelligibility in different spatial conditions of speech and noise sources and different types of hearing impairment can be useful in audiological diagnostics, in room acoustics, or for the evaluation of signal enhancement techniques. The experiment presented in this contribution was designed to provide a systematic test of temporal and spatial interaction in the auditory system in normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners. Binaural speech intelligibility tests were performed to examine the integration of a single speech reflection with frontal direct sound with respect to reflection delay, reflection azimuth, and type of interferer (frontal, diffuse and lateral). The measured speech intelligibility thresholds are compared to model predictions to investigate to what extent reductions in speech intelligibility and binaural processing can be explained by the pure tone audiogram for hearing-impaired listeners. Further, a model extension is tested which accounts for the deficit in the detection of interaural phase differences in hearing-impaired listeners.

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