Management of Technology Enhanced Learning. MTEL - Master’s Programme: Accepting Applications for Winter Semester 2019

Have a bachelor’s degree and interested in advancing your skills and knowledge in using technology in the classroom?

Have a bachelor’s degree and interested in advancing your skills and knowledge in using  technology in the classroom?
Beginning May 1, the Center for Lifelong Learning C3L) will be accepting applications to its new fully online Management of Technology Enhanced Learning (MTEL) master’s programme.
The international MTEL graduate programme has been designed specifically for working adults who want to complete their degree without interrupting their careers and who aspire to enhance their professional skills and competencies in technology enhanced learning (TEL). Based on a systems view of education, the MTEL programme will prepare you to strategise and organise for technology integration and transformation within all components of the educational system (administration, teaching and learning, research, IT, human resources, and management) and across the student life cycle, from curriculum planning and development to course delivery and evaluation. With its focus on digital transformation across the organization, the MTEL is suitable for all levels of management and prospective management implementing technology enhanced learning. As all course modules are offered in fully online format, you will have the flexibility to access class, whenever and wherever you want.
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