Workshop "Activation in Action"

March 25th – 26th, 2009
Sofia, Bulgaria

Theme of the workshop


Organisational arrangements can make a great difference to the success of activation policies which aim to integrate long-term unemployed and other groups into the labour market. Activation of these groups cannot be achieved only by means of classical labour market policy, but requires a broader employment policy, to provide suitable training, comprehensive offers of social welfare and associated measures. This translates – in addition to compulsory activities and sanctions – into the provision of client-centred training and counselling services in order to address the complex needs of the unemployed (indebtedness, alcoholism, addiction, housing, transport, family care, low qualifications). This means the integration of formerly separated policies and of their administrative agencies.

Such organisational restructuring can create problems of fragmentation and overlapping of competencies and resources, due to difficulties in coordination between job placement and welfare policies or conflicts between the national and the local level. This raises the question how organizations cope with the challenges of integrated employment policies, what new organisational forms are emerging mostly at the regional and local level in order to facilitate the integration of different policy fields (training, job placement, social assistance, counselling) and what organisational barriers, conflicts and dilemmas can be observed.

Selected on the basis of a call for paper invited speakers will report on different national, regional and local experiences with activation in action in Europe.


The worksshop takes place at the University of National and World Economy (UNWE) in Sofia.

Wednesday, March 25th

14:00 - 16:00

Chair Jean-Michel Bonvin

Martin Heidenreich (University of Oldenburg)
Introduction: Integrated employment policies and the challenges of interorganisational co-operation

Noel Whiteside (University of Warwick)
Historical perspectives on integrated public action

Sebastian Künzel (University of Oldenburg)
Activating the long-term unemployed in Germany:Organizational development of the Job-Centre

16.00 - 18:30

Chair Martin Heidenreich

Déborah Galster, Emilie Rosenstein, Jean-Michel Bonvin
(University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland)
Inter-Institutional Collaboration in Switzerland

Michael Orton (University of Warwick)
The integration of employment services at subnational level:a case study of the ‘City Strategy’ in an English sub-region

Karolina Sztandar-Sztanderska (University of Warsaw)
The attempts at integrating policies at the local level: the case study of the Warsaw Social Strategy.

Thursday, March 26th

14:00 - 16:00

Chair Martin Heidenreich

Roland Atzmüller (FORBA)
Reconfigurations of the local state. Institutionbuilding and Active Labour Market Policies in Vienna

Lavinia Bifulco, Raffaele Monteleone, Carlotta Mozzana (University of Milano-Bicocca)
Integrated employment policies for disabled people: organisational innovation between obstacles and opportunities

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