Computational Molecular Summer School 2014


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Computational Molecular Summer School 2014

Computational Molecular Analysis
Summer School 2014
29.09. - 3.10.2014


Initially the principal role of phylogeny was the description of relationships among species in systematics and taxonomy. With the invention of DNA sequencing technologies phylogenetic analysis methods started to expand into almost every branch of biology. The establishment of parallel, high-throughput sequencing technologies changed the way of generating sequence data in many genetic projects. The development of computational analysis methods for molecular data is rapidly growing and researchers are in need to keep the pace with the newest progress in bioinformatics tools.

To young scientists which are just started working in the field of computational molecular analysis, the existence of many analytical methods and software packages appear overwhelming. The aim of this workshop is to address current methodologies of computational analysis using sequence data. One emphasis will be a review of current phylogenetic inference methods and the selection of statistical methods that are best suited to particular questions and data types. Another focus will be an overview of some next-generation sequencing analysis methods, the inevitable huge datasets they create, and the subsequent analysis of such data.

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