Master of Management of Technology-Enhanced Learning (MTEL)

MTEL Director

Lisa Marie Blaschke

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F +49 322 215 952 08

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COER Director

Professor Olaf Zawacki-Richter

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COER Assistants

Melissa Bond

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Carina Dolch

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Master of Management of Technology-Enhanced Learning (MTEL)

Currently under development to begin from 2019/2020, the Master of Technology-Enhanced Learning forges a new and strategic path forward within the field of online, distance, and open education. Overseen by MTEL Director Lisa Marie Blaschke (Center for Lifelong Learning), the MTEL graduate program will develop the necessary skills and competencies to support managers in implementing flexible and media-supported educational projects and programs within their organizations. Based on a systems view of education, this fully online program will prepare managers to strategize and organize for technology integration and transformation within all components of the educational system (administration, teaching and learning, research, IT, human resources, marketing, and management) and across the student life cycle, from curriculum planning and development to course delivery and evaluation. With its focus on digital transformation across the organization, the MTEL is suitable for all levels of management and prospective management implementing technology enhanced learning in national, transnational, and international environments.

MTEL program courses:

Required (36 credit points, 6 credit points per course):

  • Principles, Theory, and Practice of Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Practitioner Research in Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Learner Support in Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Design of Technology Enhanced Learning Environments
  • Costs and Economics of Technology Enhanced Learning
  • International and Transnational Education Issues in Technology Enhanced Learning

Elective (36 credit points, 6 credit points per course):

  • Strategic Management and Educational Leadership
  • Human Resources Management 
  • Organizational Management 
  • Project Management 
  • Change Management and Innovation
  • Quality Management
  • Student Life Cycle Management
  • Managing Diversity
  • Advanced Issues in Technology Enhanced Learning

Masters Thesis (18 credit points)

Further information on this exciting new program will be provided throughout 2018.

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