Prof. Dr. Karsten Speck
Project Leader

Sonja Ebbing
Project Coordinator


News about DIGI-FACE


Despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic, DIGI-FACE has been able to continue working on its main objectives and two important generic modules have been brought close to completion.

After several test runs and re-adjustments, the module Academic Written and Graphic Presentations is now ready to be translated into French. Prof. Paul Webb (NMU), developer of the module and first-time creator of digital learning content, enjoyed working on it and is confident it will be of much use for the Centres of Excellence. The module teaches its students how to present their research in a professional manner in different formats, such as in Word, PowerPoint or with a poster. It presents layout guidelines for presentations and posters as well as the basic requirements of the APA citation style and helps participants put this knowledge into practice with step-by-step instructions.

Additionally, the module Exploring the online learning environment has also passed several test runs and is right now in its final phase of rework. While the module Academic Written and Graphic Presentations was created with a limited bandwidth and low data usage in mind, this module aims to highlight the opportunities of online learning with professional graphics and videos to give its participants an idea of what is possible with digital learning environments. Nevertheless, it does not shy away from teaching the very basics of online learning and helps its participants set up their first course in Moodle bit by bit.

Apart from these modules, four more modules are currently under construction and will go through their first test runs during the end of the year or in January 2021. We will keep you informed.



While the global pandemic has brought a lot of the project’s initial plans to a halt, DIGI-FACE has been able to quickly adapt its procedures to the new situation and continues to work on the development of generic modules. The current status of the project as well as the introduction of new team members can be found in the current version of our newsletter.

(Stand: 09.06.2021)