Venue and Accomodation

Entrainment of Brain Oscillations 2015


The conference will take place at the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg (HWK) in Delmenhorst. The HWK is a foundation of the federal states of Bremen, Lower Saxony, and the city of Delmenhorst and is designed to foster interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary thinking. The HWK also serves as a place of intellectual debate and conferences as well as workshops are distinguished by their international orientation and the interdisciplinary composition of the participants. 


Lehmkuhlenbusch 4
27753 Delmenhorst


Journey by Train

From the Delmenhorst railway station the HWK can be reached easily by taxi in seven to ten minutes. Trains between Delmenhorst and Bremen take ten to fifteen minutes and between Oldenburg and Delmenhorst twenty to thirty minutes.

Journey by Air

The closest airport is in Bremen. From there, depending on traffic, the HWK can be reached by taxi in twenty to thirty minutes. The next bigger airport is located in Hamburg. It takes about 2 hours from the airport to the HWK in Delmenhorst.


Accomodation in Delmenhorst

Cities nearby Bremen and Oldenburg

Accomodation can be organized by the HWK, too. For further information please see Registration.

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