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Practical Workshop “Pedagogy and Migration”

Practical Workshop “Pedagogy and Migration”

The practical workshop “Pedagogy and Migration” was established at the Center for Migration and Cultural Studies at the University of Oldenburg and made available to the public. The workshop represents a space where questions of pedagogical and social work in migration societies can be discussed and reflected upon. The workshop addresses people who work across the disciplines of migration and pedagogy and who are interested in reflecting on the interrelationship of these fields both within and outside the academic realm. The workshop invites people to contemplate these issues with respect to their conceptual and theoretical as well as practical dimensions. The practice-based workshop is structured around three main assumptions:

Firstly, we work on the assumption that pedagogical actions in general and in particular are marked by contradictions, tensions, dilemmas and paradoxes. For instance, tensions resulting from the importance of standing up for the recognition of minority identities can, paradoxically contribute to an inappropriate re-inscription and fixing of these identities at the same time.

Secondly, these kinds of tensions are inevitably linked to the structural playing field of pedagogy (in migration societies) and cannot simply be overcome by ‘professional actions.’

Thirdly, the practice-based workshop “Pedagogy and Migration” is characterized by the assumption that it makes sense and is important to discuss the partially contradictory nature of the field, the possibilities and impossibilities of professional conduct—particularly when discussion contributes to justifying and possibly even personally clarifying actions in relation to professional conduct. Discussions will draw on actual experiences and episodes as well as concepts of potential action and institutional routines. They will, however, also deal with more abstract questions that place issues of legitimacy and pedagogical agency under the political auspices of assimilation policies in the foreground. Within the framework of the practice-based workshop, case work and case studies will undergo a rigorous theoretical reflection process and theory will be read through the lens of a practice-based approach.

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