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Critical Reflection and Critique are the CMC’s Aim

Critical Reflection and Critique are the CMC’s Aim

Migration as an academic endeavor should not be viewed simply as knowledge gained from a previously under-theorised subject matter. Research in this field should rather be understood as a specific form of knowledge production and how particular topics and objects are reproduced through this knowledge. The CMC is committed to a reflexive research approach, not least because of the (political) dimension of the knowledge produced on and through migration. By reflexive approaches what is meant are empirical investigations that take as their point of departure socio-theoretical sensibilities and a skepticism concerning ‘normative’ and ‘taken for granted’ social positionalities. Reflexivity is thus to be understood as a mode of critique.

In order to avoid the danger of a critical morality or totalitarian critique, the stated aim of criticism is not textually fixed in a narrow sense but is rather open ended and fluid undergoing a constant process of change and renegotiation in relation to the different analytical outcomes. The CMC’s main goal in terms of its critical reflection is to reveal that which hinders, degrades and deprives people the possibility and the right to a freer and more dignified existence without fixing that which is meant by ‘freer’ and ‘more dignified’ in absolute terms. The discussion around the question of what regulative principles are or should be of empirical importance, is moreover a vital part of the CMC’s research approach.

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