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    C.v.O. Universität Oldenburg
    CMC Center for Migration, Education
    and Cultural Studies
    Ammerländer Heerstr. 114-118
    26129 Oldenburg

Empirical and Theoretical Focus

Empirical and Theoretical Focus

The CMC is committed to an empirical research approach. From a trans- and interdisciplinary perspective, it examines the diverse mechanisms of difference and belonging in migratory contexts with the aim of gaining theoretical insight into specific topics of investigation. The general orientation of the CMC aims at generating theoretical and conceptual insights through empirical investigation. In this way, it facilitates the analysis of both close and distant local contexts producing knowledge based on the interplay of varied constructions of difference, for instance. Furthermore the political and cultural realities of emigration contexts, reasons for migration, forms of migration and their consequences for individuals as well as social reality are also included in the scope of investigation. A particular focus, however, lies on the analysis of relations and constructions of belonging and difference in pedagogical, school and extracurricular contexts.  

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