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Regulative References

Regulative References

What are the normative consequences that result from migration being a pivotal moment of social reality and dynamics? This question is of political, pedagogical, cultural as well as scientific importance. The normative dimension of ‘migration’ cannot simply be reduced to the technical function of regulating ‘human masses’. Rather, it exposes and problematizes symbolic borders and orders of belonging. On this basic symbolic level of social self-conception, the question is not just one of a political or cultural nature that concerns ideas of how we want to live. It is far more fundamental as it raises the question of who we are; that is who the legitimate political subject is, who is included in the imaginary ‘we’ and who is not.

The CMC is interested in the empirical investigation of the question as to which normative concepts and terms implicitly and explicitly determine actions taken by individuals and organizations. It also looks at the processes and consequences for those in whose name these concepts are justified and executed. Apart from this empirical normative reconstruction of societies shaped by migration, the CMC is also interested in the question of what normative and regulative orientations ought to be given priority. 

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