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Refresher Course: Pedagogical Competence in Education, Counseling, and Social work –Academic Advanced Training for Highly Qualified Refugees

The academic advanced training course “Pedagogical Competence in Education, Counseling, and Social Work” is conducted by the CMC in cooperation with kargah e.V. in Hanover. It is supported by the European Fund for Refugees. Its expressed goal is to develop the competencies and knowledge of refugees with professional education in pedagogical or socio-pedagogical occupational areas (whether completed or not) in order to facilitate the entrance into professional pedagogical employment.

The refresher course spans nine months and is tailored to the participants’ particular needs and resources. Their skills and experience as listed in their individual migration biographies will be taken into consideration when they are assigned to further occupational training in the fields of pedagogical and socio-pedagogical work. The curriculum content will be imparted means of lectures, seminars and courses. In order to enroll in this academic training program, the participants are required to have professional education or work experience in pedagogical, socio-pedagogical or social fields of work as well as good German language skills. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be given a certificate from the University of Oldenburg.

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