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Dr. Thomas Klenke

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Dr. Manuel Nowotny

Dr. Manuel Nowotny

Research assistant Biocas


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chemical engineering // cascading of sustainable processes // development of green-chemical approaches


I was born and grew up in Dortmund.From 2007 to2010 I completed my apprenticeship as a chemical-technical assistant at the TBS 1 in Bochum. Afterwards I started my bachelor studies in chemistry at the WestfälischeHochschule in Recklinghausen (2010-2013). I wrote my bachelor thesis at the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT in the group of bio-based plastics.I received my master's degree in chemistry at the Technical University of Dortmund (2013-2016). During my master's thesis at the chair of Technical Chemistry, I investigated the homogeneously catalyzed synthesis of bulk chemicals (e.g. formamides) from carbon dioxide.

In October 2016 I started my PhD in the working group Technical Chemistry I of Prof.Dr. Michael Wark and finished it in June 2020. The topic of my PhD was part of the German-Dutch Interreg project GrüneKaskadeand dealt with the production of mesoporous hydrocharsmade from biogenic residues.Since 01.07.2020 I am involved in the Interreg project BIOCASand support Dr.Thomas Klenke in the development of different bioeconomic approaches. Based on these approaches it shall be determined whether the hydrothermal carbonisation of biogenic residues is economically feasible. The aim of the project is to develop competitive products by means of hydrothermal carbonisation.To accomplish this, actors should be involved in the process, which makes it easier to implement a successful market entry.

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