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COAST - Zentrum für Umwelt- und Nachhaltigkeitsforschung
Universität Oldenburg
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26129 Oldenburg

Development Cooperation

Development Corporation

International development cooperation today has to cope with many folded challenges like, poverty reduction, food security and improvement of nutrition quality, resource protection and health improvement. This happens against the background of scarce, unequally distributed resources, climate change, land degradation, unequal market opportunities and international as well as regional conflicts. Thereby focus must be set on regional conditions and global inequalities. Research as well as the development of concepts and measures therefore needs the collaboration of different sectors and disciplines and international cooperation. Based on long standing co-operations COAST comes with a partner network in Asia, Latin America and in particular with Southern and Eastern Africa.

COAST works on these topics in trans- and interdisciplinary contexts e.g. research group “green land research” Arbeitskreis Grünlandforschung and in close cooperation with the above mentioned universities and partners in the global South, especially in Africa.


  •    Sustainable Agriculture
  •    Food production
  •    Climate change / climate change adaptation
  •    Resource distribution / resource protection
  •    Land ownership / land distribution
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