News from the Academy

Places available in the workshop:

"Storytelling Techniques for Scientists"

for doctoral and postdoctoral candidates on May 21st and 22nd, 2019. Further information here


"Elementary German for International Scientists"

offered by the Sprachenzentrum and starting April 25th, 2019. More information here


Further educational offers of the central University Didactics (Hochschuldidaktik) may be found here.


Courses offered by the Graduate Academy

The focus of the Graduate Academy's program is to offer need-based courses and workshops for all early career researchers of the university. In particular, the program encompasses transferable skills courses in the following four core areas:

  1. Professional and Career Development

  2. Management and Leadership

  3. Communication and Presentation

  4. English Language Courses

  5. Workshops for Postdocs

  6. Workshops for female (early career) researchers

We further offer

Registration details

  • After successfully completing a course offered by the Graduate Academy, you will receive a certificate of attendance. If you attend more than one course, we can also issue an overall certificate, listing all your courses; in this case, please contact us for further information.

  • For all courses offered by the Graduate Academy you are required to pay a fee of currently 30 Euros per course day (usually 6-8 hours of training). Please note that, to firmly secure your spot, this fee is due prior to the beginning of the course! Further details can be found on the page for each course.

  • You will find the registration form for each course on the individual course page once registration is open!
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