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Eric Ahlberg has been teaching English academic writing in German universities (previously Braunschweig and Hannover) for the last several years, including for graduates. The approach taken in his workshops and classes is that written language should not be an obstacle to understanding, but instead let your research stand out via clarity, accuracy and readability.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Eric Ahlberg also studied and worked in journalism in Canada. He came to Germany in 2010 to study his MA in English philology at the University of Münster.

You may contact Eric via or come to his office hours.

4 English Language Courses


Today, a strong command of the English language is necessary for many fields of research. You have probably realized that ‘everyday English’ is often not enough when reading scientific journal articles, writing a dissertation or lab report, presenting at conferences or to colleagues, or when giving or listening to lectures. This is when being able to use academic English is necessary.

With the program english+ the Graduate Academy offers a comprehensive program covering all aspects of scientific communication in English language for all early-career researchers of the University of Oldenburg. Besides workshops dealing with the linguistic basis of scientific communication in English, the program also covers topics such as scientific writing and presenting at international conferences. These series of workshops provide targeted lessons on relevant topics, to immediately apply what you have learned in your own projects.

Themes are organized according to the main skill practiced, and then grouped into workshops containing topics generally related to each other. You may visit all workshops for comprehensive preparation, or just those you find necessary. Workshops are one full day, but there is also an open seminars series with one short workshop per week that you may attend flexibly and as you see fit. Please read the workshop descriptions and contact for more details if you are unsure which are best for you.

Please note that you will get much more from the time spent when you have a project you are currently working on. In most workshops, we will spend time working with your own projects and texts, so please be ready to bring them with you. In some cases, you may be asked to send in sections of text beforehand, if possible.

All workshops are offered in English by a native speaker and are targeted mainly at non-native speakers.

Detailed information regarding the workshops and the open seminars series can be found below:

All workshops of the Graduate Academy can be attended free of costs from now on!

Course title Target group Date
4.6 Communicating your research to non-expert audiences Doctoral candidates and PostDocs 20.01.2023
4.8 Practice Presenting Doctoral candidates and PostDocs 24.02.2023
4.9 Open Seminars Series (NEW) Doctoral candidates and PostDocs starting 17.10.2022
4.1 Grammar Review Doctoral candidates and PostDocs 21.10.2022
4.2 Editing and Text Cohesion Doctoral candidates and PostDocs 16.12.2022
4.3 Planning and writing research texts Doctoral candidates and PostDocs 18.11.2022
4.4 Writing introductions Doctoral candidates and PostDocs tba
4.5 Writing research for non-expert audiences Doctoral candidates and PostDocs tba
4.7 Scientific Talks & Conference Posters Doctoral candidates and PostDocs tba

No English+ workshops will be offered due to Eric Ahlberg being on parental leave from late March to late July 2023!

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