Eric Ahlberg has been teaching English academic writing in German universities (previously Braunschweig and Hannover) for the last several years, including for graduates. The approach taken in his workshops and classes is that written language should not be an obstacle to understanding, but instead let your research stand out via clarity, accuracy and readability.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Eric Ahlberg also studied and worked in journalism in Canada. He came to Germany in 2010 to study his MA in National and Transnational Studies/English philology at the University of Münster.

You may contact Eric via email () or come to his office hours where he offers a "Schreib-Sprechstunde".

English "Schreib-Sprechstunde"

English "Schreib-Sprechstunde"

Due to the current situation, please note that feedback is by virtual means only.

What is it?

I offer free one-on-one appointments to review any writing you are currently working on as part of your research.

In the appointment, we will discuss strengths, weaknesses and any steps you can take to improve. Ideally, you should also visit my workshops, to gain a good foundation of writing principles and practice.

What kind of writing do you accept?

Anything related to your studies, research, professional and academic goals. Typical texts types could include thesis or dissertation sections, conference papers, journal articles, proposals (exposés), lab reports, or important presentations.

Elements for review may include, besides spelling and grammar, the word choice/vocabulary, text structure (of sentences, paragraphs, chapters, etc.), the text flow and logic, citations, the text’s graphs or visuals, ‘Denglisch’ or other language confusion.

Does it have to be writing?

No, we can also discuss your overall progress and plans, how to start, how to finish, writer’s block, or any other concerns you have.

For presentations, we can review slides and visuals, your notes or planned speaking points, pronunciation and delivery, and even practice parts of presentation when time permits.

How does it work?

After you contact me, we’ll set up an appointment at a date and time that works for us both. This is usually the following week so that I have time to review your text in advance.

When you contact me, please explain what you are working on, along with your specific concerns and any questions you have, plus any relevant deadlines. I’ll then read and review your text, and we’ll meet soon after.

Where and when?

Appointments are in my office on Campus Haarentor. I give 45 minutes for each appointment, but they can go shorter or longer, depending on you, your questions and your text.

You’re welcome to come as often as you like, but there should be some attempt to incorporate previous advice between meetings.

Are there any limits?

You can send me up to 1000 words, or 3-4 typed pages, to review per appointment. For written work, please send only the original document files such as Word, LaTex, PowerPoint and not PDFs or locked files.

Please note this offer is not simply a correction service, the goal is to gradually improve your writing skills and habits through specific and personal feedback and guidance. Short questions via email about one or two words are OK, but preferably after you’ve been to at least one appointment or workshop.

Please email Eric Ahlberg at

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