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Peer Coaching 2 "Führen und Betreuen" (in German language)

Peer Coaching Programme 2 "Führen und Betreuen" (in German language)

This programme (in German language) targets experienced postdocs, junior research group leaders, assistant professors, and newly appointed professors and forcusses on developint expertise in managing and supervising. The next round starts in the winter term 2020/21. Registration is now possible on the German site. The fees for the program are 330 Euros.

For further information please contact

Dr. Susanne Elpers

gradgjdd4uiertez6anawukademimtle@univecrwuirsität-oldenburgphqhn.dev2u (graduiertenakademi8kje@uni-lhfoldenuerkbuiy3rg.dcijdehf)

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