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Dr. Susanne Elpers
Officer for Early Career Researchers with a focus on Postdocs and Equal Opportunities

+49 (0)441-798 2939

Dr. Wiebke Greeff
Officer for Early Career Researchers  with a focus on Doctoral Candidates and International Issues

 +49 (0)441-798 2914

Dr. Julia Anna Matz
Officer for Early Career Researchers  with a focus on Doctoral Candidates and International Issues

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Susanne Bartel

Secretary´s Office of the Graduate Academy

+49 441 798-4628



Intercultural Communication Skills

To work in research and sciences means working with people from different cultures who may have different styles of communication and a different set of values. Effective communication and understanding is crucial in achieving solid results in research cooperation.

After this course, participants will have an awareness of cultural differences and know the basics of intercultural communication. They will feel more confident in knowing how to handle cross-cultural situations.

We will reflect and discuss different definitions of culture, differences between high and low context cultures, the meaning and importance of cultural dimensions such as time, regulations and taboos, age and gender, power distribution and authority and the self and the group. Furthermore, we will consult the Iceberg model by Schein to better understand how much of our cultural identity as well as our identity shaped by gender are subconscious. We will talk about stereotyping and the meaning of being able to change perspective.

Discussion Points

  • Definitions of culture
  • Meaning and importance of cultural dimensions (Trompenaars)
  • Individual construction of culture using Iceberg model by Schein
  • Dealing with stereotyping
  • Change of perspective


Along with trainer input the participants will be provided with many opportunities and exercises to explore their communication skills in intercultural situations. There will be group and individual work, working with case studies, role-playing games and group discussions. Each participant is encouraged to work on their specific challenges and will receive individualized tips and feedback.

Target group: Doctoral candidates and Postdocs

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Diesen Workshop bietet die Graduiertenakademie an. Für Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte an:
Susanne Bartel
Tel.: +49 (0)441 798 4628

04.07.2023 09:00 – 16:00

Schlaues Haus Oldenburg

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