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Peer Coaching Programme 3 "Making a Career after the Postdoc" - Workshop "Tailor-made Job Applications"

This workshop has been designed for postdoctoral candidates who want to prepare for the job search in a systematic way, or who want to learn more about application strategies and feel more confident in the application process. The workshop will provide participants with an overview over the different employment opportunities available for them. They will learn which strategies they can apply to find a job that matches their profile. Participants will also learn more about the career options that different occupational fields can offer.

The workshop is aiming for individual job application strategies based on personal and professional background and employment options.

The relevant criteria that are obligatory for a written job application will be covered. Participants will also be given the opportunity to have their application documents analyzed and optimized, if desired.

The final part of the workshop deals with the job interview. Which aspects should an interviewee pay special attention to? In which way a job interview led by human resource executives gets structured? Finally, participants will act out individual elements of an interview to feel more confident in these situations.

Contents in brief

  • My job profile and employment options
  • The human resource perspective
  • Career prerequisites and recruiting process
  • My individual application strategy
  • How to create application documents that appeal to potential employers
  • Dealing with tricky questions
  • Main aspects of a successful job interview

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07.03.2023 09:00 – 08.03.2024 17:00

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