Junior Research Groups

The following third pary funded Junior Research Groups are hosted at the University of Oldenburg:

European Research Council

  • Individualized Binaural Diagnostics and Technology (IBiDT), ERC Starting Grant
    (Project start 01/2018, Prof. Dr. Mathias Dietz)
  • Unique Light-Matter Interactions with Two Dimensional Materials (unLiMIt-2D), ERC Starting Grant
    (Project start 05/2016, Prof. Dr. Christian Schneider)
  • Nanoscale 3D Printing of a Lithium Ion Battery: Rethinking the Fabrication Concept for a Revolution in Energy Storage (NANO-3D-LION), ERC Starting Grant
    (Project start 02/2021, Dr. Dmitry Momotenko)

DFG - Emmy Noether - Independent Junior Research Groups

'Freigeist' Fellowship (Volkswagen Foundation)

Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Completed Junior Research Groups:

(Changed: 2021-04-30)