Entrainment of Brain Oscillations 2015

Symposium: Auditory Stimulation
(17.09. 17:00Uhr)

1. Manuela Jäger (University of Oldenburg, Germany)

Selective spatial attention in a two-stream auditory steady-state paradigm

2. Benedikt Zoefel (CerCo Toulouse, France)

Neural oscillations entrain their phase to high-level features of speech sound

3. Keith Doelling (Central for Neural Science New York, USA)

Cortical entrainment to music and its modulation by expertise

Symposium: Visual Stimulation
(18.09. 9:30Uhr)

1. Aleksandra Pastuszak (University of Birmingham, UK)

Modulation of behavioural measures of attention by visual entrainment in visual search

2. Sasskia Brüers (CerCo Toulouse, France)

To See Or Not To See: Observer-specific entrainment of alpha phase patterns predicts target detection

3. Kevin Prinsloo (University of Glasgow, UK)

Auditory driven cross-modal phase reset of visual cortical oscillations

Symposium: Electrical Stimulation
(18.09. 13:30Uhr)

1. Verena Braun (University of Birmingham, UK)

Modulating memory formation by entrainment of prefrontal beta oscillations using tACS

2. Nina Wolinski (University of Essex, UK)

Modulation of individual oscillatory frequency-peak by off-peak entrainment

3. Kathleen Williams (Universität Göttingen, Germany)

Evaluating the effects of tACS on intrinsic functional connectivity

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