Journal Articles

Journal Articles


2001 - 2005

Lanoye, R., G. Vermeir, W. Lauriks, R. Kruse, and V. Mellert (2005). "Measuring the free field acoustic impedance and absorption coefficient of sound absorbing materials with a combined particle velocity - pressure sensor." Journal of the Acoustical Society of America:pp.

Mellert, V., I. Baumann, N. Freese, R. Kruse, R. Weber, H. Remmers, and M. Bellmann (2002). "Psychophysical analysis of sound and vibration in the cabin of passenger aircrafts." J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 112(5):pp. 2243.

Tetzlaff, G., V. Mellert, and A. Raabe (2001)."Tomography and acoustics: Recent developments and methods." Acustica 87(6):pp. IV-V. <Go to ISI>://000173862200001

Houtsma, A., and V. Mellert (2001)."Message from the EAA board." Acustica 87(5):pp. V-V. <Go to ISI>://000172583900001

Sato, S., Ando, Y. and Mellert, V. (2001). "Cues for localization in the median plane as extracted from the auto-correlation function." Journal of Sound and Vibration 241(1): pp. 53-56.

Atagi, J., Weber, R. and Mellert, V. (2001). "Effects of Modulated delay time of reflection on the autocorrelation function and perception of the echo." Journal of Sound and Vibration 241(1): pp. 53-56.


2000 and older

Zha, X., Drotleff, H. and Nocke, C. (2000). "Raumakustische Verbesserungen im Probensaal der Staatstheater Stuttgart." Bauphysik 22(4): pp. 232-239.

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Ostashev, V., Juvé, D. and Blanc-Benon, P. (1998). "Derivation of a Wide-Angle Parabolic Equation for Sound-Waves in Inhomogeneous Moving-Media." Acustica united with acta acustica 83(3): pp. 455 - 460.

Dau, T., Wegner, O., Mellert, V. and Kollmeier, B. (1998). "Auditory brainstem responses (ABR) with optimized chirp signals compensating spatial basilar membrane dispersion." J. Acoust. Soc. Amer. 107: pp. 1530-1540.

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Chouard, N. (1996). "Binaural Loudness of Pink Noise with Interaural Level Differences." Acustica 82(1): pp. 210.

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