Applied Psychoacoustics

Psychoacoustics & perception of whole-body and hand-arm-vibration

Sound quality - acoustic and vibrational comfort (car, airplane) - application of sophisticated psychoacoustic evaluation methods to environmental and technical sounds.

Current projects:
  • Temporal and spectral analysis of acoustic signals by contour determination (S. Buss)

  • Development of a model of vibration perception based on psychophysics and physiology in the somatosensory system (H. Oey)

  • Perceptive interaction of sound and vibration stimuli (I. Baumann)

  • Effect related preprocessing of environmental variables as "human response model" input (N. Freese)

Completed projects:
  • Entwicklung eines Aufbaus zur Untersuchung von Ganzkörpervibrationen in zwei Raumrichtungen (M. Hölling)

  • Psychophysical model of comfort assessments (T. Sabelhaus)

  • Development of a "human response model" for the perception of sound and vibration (C. König)

  • Investigations on dynamic seat comfort (R. Kruse)

  • Comfort studies on aircraft interior sound and vibration (J. Quehl) (in cooperation with the Institute for Research on Man-Environment-Relations, Oldenburg University)

  • Validation of selected algoriths for calculation and assessing the tonality of wind turbine noises (H. Ostendorf)

  • Important psychoacoustic parameters for wind turbine noise assessment (C. Eichenlaub)

  • The evaluation of acoustic objects in the field and their relation to acoustic and psychoacoustic Parameters (T. Dönnges and D. Müller)

  • Perception of vibrations (M. Bellmann)

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