Psychophysics: Psychoacoustics & perception of vibration


Psychoacoustics & perception of vibration

Reseach on psychoacoustic metrics, directional hearing and equal loudness level contours

Current projects:
  • Development and validation of a psychoacoustic measuring method and calculation procedure for tonality in noises (M. Vormann) (in cooperation with the Institute for Research on Man-Environment-Relations, Oldenburg University)

  • Determination of a microphone configuration that may replace a dummy head system (N. Tohtuyeva)

Completed projects:
  • Measurements of equal-loudness level contours using a new adaptive bias minimizing test procedure (H. Oey)

  • Psychophysical investigation on vibration perception in the frequency range from 5 Hz to 80 Hz (I. Baumann)

  • Factors influencing equal-loudness level contours (C. Reckhardt)

  • Scaling of the psychoacoustical sharpness and validation of function models. (U. Haupt)

  • Determination of the visual-auditory interaction depending on acoustical parameters by measuring the saccadic reation times (S. Buss) (participation in a project at the Institute of cognition research, Oldenburg University)

  • Equal-loudness level contours in the low frequency range (M. Bellman)

  • Categorical assesment of the fluctuation strength (I. Raubold)

  • Filtering of acoustic signals in the modulation frequency domain and the assessment of their fluctuation strength (C. Walter)

  • Loudness and unpleasantness perception in dichotic conditions (N. Chouard)

  • Calculation and categorical assessment of the roughness and unpleasantness of synthetic and technical sounds (P. Daniel)

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