Wave Propagation, Acoustic Impedance, Underwater Acoustics

Wave propagation in inhomogeneous, turbulent media (theory, model, experiment)

Sound propagation in the atmospheric boundary layer, acoustic sounding structure constants, wind- and temperature profiles, SODAR, underwater wave propagation.

Current projects:
  • determination of structure constants from acoustic wave propagation measurements (B. Schwarz-Röhr)

  • directivity pattern of parametric ultrasound audio projector (lab project K. Poland)

Completed projects:
  • Gaussian Beam propagation in inhomogeneous media (M. Meyer)

  • SODAR: Profiling wind, temperature and turbulence (D. Englich)

Investigation of acoustic impedance at grazing incidence:

Determination of properties of acoustic material in situ, measurement of effective surface impedance, detection of impedance changes on sediment surfaces underwater (chemical pollutants), acoustic detection of marine fouling

Current projects:
  • reference material for acoustic impedance (advanced students' lab project)

  • determination of effective impedance of ground outdoors (advanced students' lab project)

Completed projects:
  • detection of chemical pollutants underwater (R. Matuschek, H. Harms)

  • measurement of surface impedance for detecting marine fouling (S. Schulz)

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