Dorit Barz
Assistant to the Presidential Board

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Applications for the Support Fund

How do I submit an application?

Are you a student at our university and have found yourself in sudden financial need through no fault of your own? Then you can now apply for financial support!

The procedure consists of two steps: first, a preparation of the application by the applicant, and second, a amendatory consultation and completion of the application forms together with the AStA's social consultation service.

First steps:

  • You will be counseled by the AStA's social consultationservice when applying for financial support of up to 500 euros.
  • Please download the application form here.
  • Please make an appointment for counselling with the AStA's social consultation service by phone (0441 24927094) or by e-mail to .
  • Fill out the application as far as possible and compile the necessary documents.

Further steps:

  • In the social counselling at the AStA, the staff will complete the form together with you.
  • Then, on your behalf, the AStA submits the application to .

How will the applications be decided?

Selected representatives of the University and the University Society decide on the approval of individual support application at short intervals on the basis of the application documents received.

The applicants are notified and the support payments are made promptly.

(Changed: 20 Apr 2022)