Optimized movement therapy through the interaction of artificial intelligence and video technology with healthcare professionals and patients (Smart-BT)


Motivation and Goals

In Germany, many patients suffer from back and other skeletal pain. Mostly such sufferings are treated with medication. However, the effectiveness of the treatment is not very high, so that in many cases long-term treatment is necessary and follow-up costs arise from physiotherapy, aids, rehabilitation measures, days of incapacity to work, and surgical interventions. In many cases, home exercise therapy can be more effective than other measures. However, such exercise therapy must be tailored to the individual patient and his symptoms. Due to this complexity and the associated high personnel costs, exercise therapy is rarely prescribed and unfortunately often not integrated into the outpatient treatment plan.


In this project, modern information and communication technology will be used to individually adapt the therapy to the patient and to carry out the therapy. The aim of the project is therefore to optimize diagnostics and the creation of individual therapy plans by using video-based body recording and machine learning. The individual performance and needs will be recorded through exercises that the patient will perform under the guidance of the Herodikos-App. Expert opinions are also included. By matching expert knowledge with the findings of using AI, the most suitable individual therapy plan is then created.

Cooperations / Funding

The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
Funding period: 1.10.2020-31.03.2023


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