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Andreas Michalik, PhD

Andreas Michalik, PhD

Scientific Curriculum Vitae


2010-2016: PhD student at Department of Biology, University of Oldenburg, Germany, AG Animal Navigation/"Neurosensorik" (Group leader: Prof. Dr. H. Mouritsen).


2009: Diploma in Biology on "Foraging and sexual segregation in a diving seabird, the Imperial Cormorant, during contrasting environmental conditions", University of Osnabrück, Experimental Ecology Group, Prof. Dr. Till Eggers and Max-Planck-Institute for Ornithology, Vogelwarte Radolfzell, Dr. Petra Quillfeldt

2004: Matriculated at University of Osnabrück, Germany.

2003: Graduated from Marien-Gymnasium Jever, Germany.


2015: Alert, B., Michalik, A., Thiele, N., Bottesch, M. & Mouritsen, H. (2015) "Re-calibration of the magnetic compass in hand-raised European robins (Erithacus rubecula)." Scientific Reports, 5:14323, doi:10.1038/srep14323

2015:  Alert, B., Michalik, A., Helduser, S., Mouritsen, H., Güntürkün, O. (2015) Perceptual strategies of pigeons to detect a rotational centre – A hint for star compass learning? PLOS ONE 10(3): e0119919. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0119919.

2013: Michalik, A., Alert, B., Engels, S., Lefeldt, N. & Mouritsen, H. (2013) Star compass learning: how long does it take? J. Ornithol, in press, doi: 10.1007/s10336-013-1004-x

Hilgerloh G., Michalik A., Raddatz B. (2011): Autumn migration of soaring birds through the Gebel El Zeit Important Bird Area (IBA), Egypt, threatened by wind farm projects. Bird Conservation International 21: 365-375.

Quillfeldt P., Schroff S., van Noordwijk H., Michalik A., Ludynia K. & Masello J.F. (2011): Flexible diving behaviour of a sexually dimorphic seabird: large males do not always dive deep. Marine Ecology Progress Series 428: 271-287.

Michalik A., van Noordwijk H.J., Brickle P., Eggers T. & Quillfeldt P. (2010): The diet of Imperial Shag Phalacrocorax atriceps at a colony on New Island, Falkland/Malvinas Islands combining different sampling techniques. Polar Biology 33: 1537-1546.

Quillfeldt P., Michalik A., Veit-Köhler G., Strange I.J. & Masello J.F. (2010): Inter-annual changes in diet and foraging trip lengths in a small pelagic seabird, the thin-billed prion Pachyptila belcheri. Marine Biology 157: 2043-2050.

Michalik A., McGill R.A.R., Furness R.W., Eggers T., van Noordwijk H.J. & Quillfeldt P. (2010): Black and white - does melanin change the bulk carbon and nitrogen isotope values of feathers? Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 24: 875-878.


Husemann M., Michalik A. & Hochkirch A. (2008) Erstnachweis der Südlichen Eichenschrecke, Meconema meridionale (Costa, 1860), in Osnabrück (Niedersachsen). Articulata 23: 77-80.

Menke W. & Michalik A. (2003): Beobachtungen an ringmarkierten Lachmöwen Larus ridibundus L. im Raum Friesland-Wilhelmshaven. Oldenburger Jahrbuch 103: 245-278.

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