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The corona pandemic

Contributions by experts on consequences and perspectives


Corona Top News Health Services Research

“Everyone has the same right to life”

The challenges we face in the current pandemic are “unprecedented”, says Mark Schweda, Professor of Medical Ethics. An interview about intensive care…

Top News Economics

Women at the top

Are female quotas for companies’ supervisory boards necessary? Yes, says Stephanie Birkner, an expert on female entrepreneurship. She explains why…

A green laser beam is guided by mirrors and lenses through an experimental set-up.
Research Top News Physics

New nanolaser explained

Nanoparticles made of metals and semiconductors have fascinating properties. A German-Swedish research team reports in the journal Nature…

Top News History

Imaginary Landscapes

Escaping city life and fleeing to the countryside – industrialisation and urbanisation made this a tempting option for many intellectuals in the 19th…

Top News

Shaping the energy transition

Making our energy system climate-friendly is an immense challenge and affects society as a whole. Scientists at our university contribute to finding…

A hand with tweezers holds a cornea.
Human Medicine Top News Fakultät VI

Keeping an eye on things

We think of the cornea as a windscreen for the eye. But this transparent layer of tissue is far more complex than a simple protective covering. Stefan…

Top News

Language-sensitive teaching and learning

Language plays a central role in schools as a medium for communication and education. Oldenburg researchers are examining how to train teachers in…

Close-up of test person, whose head disappears under a kind of white hood.
Top News Psychology Fakultät VI

The sources of brain activity

The activity of nerve cells in the brain generates extremely weak magnetic fields. Oldenburg psychologists are using sophisticated techniques to…

Top News Marine Science Fakultät V

A fragile balance

Wind conditions influence water circulation and CO2 concentrations in the Southern Ocean, a study by geochemist Torben Struve and colleagues shows.…

Microscoopic picture of a rotifer.
Top News

Permanent predator-prey cycles

An international team of scientists including Bernd Blasius has completed the longest known predator-prey time series. In the journal Nature, the…

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