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The corona pandemic

Contributions by experts on consequences and perspectives


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The smaller encounters are the most helpful

This week, the renowned particle physicist Mary K Gaillard is giving the opening speech at the 22nd German Conference of Women in Physics in…

Tash Motsi sitting with another student at a table in the "Interkulturelle Treff".
Campus Life

From all over the world to northern Germany

Around a thousand international students from 110 nations are currently enrolled at the University of Oldenburg, most of them in one of the 25…

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Islands of diversity

Success for Oldenburg’s biodiversity researchers: German Research Foundation to provide three million euros in funding for new research unit led by…

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From bird migration to quantum chemistry

For more than 15 years Henrik Mouritsen has been conducting research on magnetoreception in birds. Now, he has summarised the current scientific…

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New Collaborative Research Centre for Hearing Acoustics

A new Collaborative Research Centre is to be established at the University: the research project on “hearing acoustics” will receive around eight…

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Fascinating Diskworld

Doctor of chemistry Jannika Lauth was awarded a Carl von Ossietzky Young Researchers' Fellowship earlier this year. In her research Lauth produces…

Studies University Policy Top News

The Future of University Education

Individualised and online-based is how Anke Hanft, scientific director of the University of Oldenburg's Centre for Lifelong Learning (C3L) sees the…

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Stagnation in the South Pacific

A team led by geochemist Dr. Katharina Pahnke from Oldenburg has discovered important evidence that the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels at…

Research Early Career Top News

How organisms process sensory stimuli

What happens at the molecular level when we smell, see and hear? At the University of Oldenburg the Research Training Group "Molecular basis of…

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Layer by Layer, Cell by Cell

The skin, our largest sensory organ, is the subject of dermatologist Ulrike Raap‘s research

and medical care. She describes it as an “architectural…

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