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The Essence of the Oceans

Oldenburg geochemist Katharina Pahnke-May is studying the precise distribution of various metals dissolved in the waters of the world’s oceans. They...


Migration is the topic of our times

It has happened millions of times since time immemorial: men, women and children leave their home countries in search of a better life. Launched in...


Real University Life

Why do nearly one in three students in Germany drop out of higher education? The reasons can be manifold but there has been little systematic research...


Stories about science

Literary fiction can open up new perspectives on scientific research. The Anglicist Anton Kirchhofer examines how novels are overriding stereotypes...


Seeds for the Future

Stefanie Sievers-Glotzbach researches how commons-based rights on seeds and plant varieties can make plant cultivation more socially and ecologically...


Targeting plastic waste

Every year around ten million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the oceans. Soon it could be possible to monitor the precise location of the debris...


Understanding the brain

Anatomist Anja Bräuer aims not just to gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of brain development but also to find ways to improve the...


Solving the puzzle of magnetoreception

Biologist Henrik Mouritsen from Oldenburg and his British colleague Peter Hore have received a highly coveted research funding by the EU - the ERC...


Another success for Excellence Cluster “Hearing4all”

A major success: the University of Oldenburg’s hearing researchers will receive funding from the Excellence Strategy programme until 2026. Marine...


The smaller encounters are the most helpful

This week, the renowned particle physicist Mary K Gaillard is giving the opening speech at the 22nd German Conference of Women in Physics in...

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