Research topics

Research topics

Encoding, transformation and perception of the acoustic environment is anything but constant. Both varying outside conditions and internal motivations require a constant change of neuronal coding and processing of sound. We are interested in the neural mechanism underlying adaptive coding both at single cell and network levels. To unravel these mechanisms, we use techniques to manipulate well-defined parts of auditory pathways in intact, awake, and behaving animals.

For more details see  current projects.

Methods currently used in the lab:

  • Optogenetic manipulation in  awake-behaving animals
  • Behavioural assessment of auditory perception in mice
  • Extraceller recordings in  awake-behaving animals (tetrode arrays)
  • Modelling of cortical network dynamics and auditory coding 
  • Immunhistochemistry of cortical tissue
  • Auditory brainstem recordings
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