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The astrophotography enables us to get a special view of the night sky. It is very different to what is achievable by naked eye observations or with a regular telescope. Due to the long exposure times, it is possible to show a lot of details of the objects. Only a few years ago, such details could only be seen with the largest telescopes. Furthermore, it is possible to evade the air pollution of the cities with special filters.


On this page, we present you the fascinating techniques of astrophotography and their possibilities. Most of the photographs were taken at the University of Oldenburg or in the surrounding area. The used techniques are noted in the figure captures. 

To see the images as a diashow, click here.


All-Sky Camera in Oldenburg



Astrophotos with reflex camera and tripod without tracking

Astrophotos with reflex camera and tracking

Astrophotos with tracking and telescope

C2PU - Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur









Recordings of Students


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