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Portfolios for Refugees

The "Kompetenzbereich Anrechnung" allows pre-trained and professionally qualified refugees the opportunity to create “Kompetenzportfolios”. The aim of the portfolios is to present the own educational biography in a structured way and to show the expertise already acquired.

The offer is aimed primarily at refugees interested in study programs, who are not able to provide complete proof of their academic career. People with missing proof for their education can use the portfolio for the first step into higher education. If they cannot bring the official documents, a well prepared biography is required to be considered for further examination.

In addition, the portfolio also allows to review other non-traditional vocational training biographies. The detailed descriptions of the educational and professional experience as well as the acquired competences have proved helpful in application situations.


Refugees sometimes cannot provide the proof of a university entrance qualification acquired in their home country for a basic or advanced study course, neither in the original nor in a certified copy. According to the decision of the “Kulturministerkonferenz” of December 3, 2015, refugees now have the possibility of indirectly carrying the proof. For this purpose, the acquisition of a university entrance qualification in the home country is reproduced by means of a plausibility check of the educational biography.

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