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Joachim Beyschlag

M.Ed Joachim Beyschlag

Project and Resarch Interests

My PhD project deals with the functional morphology of rosette plants. Especially the effect of morphological changes on light capture and thus physiology is investigated.

For this I create virtual three dimensional plants with the program YPlantQMC (Duursma et al. 2013) (based on Yplant (Pearcy & Yang 1996)). Combined with light simulation and photosynthesis models photosynthetic parameters can be determined from modified virtual plants. The evaluation of the YPlant program is another part of my thesis.

A special case of morphological changes can be observed in (heteroblastic) epiphytic bromeliads which show severe changes in leaf morphology in their lifesp


Beyschlag J & Zotz G. 2017. Heteroblasty in epiphytic bromeliads – The functional implications for species in understory and exposed growing sites. Annals of Botany, 120: 681-692.

Zotz G, Beyschlag J. 2016. Wie verbreitet ist Heteroblastie bei Bromelien? Die Bromelie: 74-77.

Zotz G & Beyschlag J. 2015. How common is heteroblasty in Bromeliaceae? A plea for help in finding the answer. Journal of the Bromeliad Society 65: 186-191.

Einzmann HJR, Beyschlag J, Hofhansl F, Wanek W & Zotz G. 2015. Host tree phenology affects vascular epiphytes at the physiological, demographic and community level. AoB Plants 7: plu073. doi:10.1093/aobpla/plu073

Curriculum Vitae

10/2007 - 09/2012 studies of biology and mathematics at the University of Oldenburg

2010 Bachelor thesis: Physiological differences of vascular epiphytes on deciduous and evergreen trees

2012 Master thesis: The effects of leaf arrangement and architecture on light capturing and carbon gain in heteroblastic bromeliads from different light environments

since 10/2012 research assistant in the working group "Functional Ecology of plants"

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