Secretary´s office



Room: W4-1-158

Commissioned for security one of the working groups of the IBU

Representative for Biological Safety at Oldenburg University:

  • Dr. Alexander Scholten
    Telefon +49-(0)441-798 - 3674,
    Telefax +49-(0)441-798 - 3250
    Raum: W4-1-146
    (AG Biochemie)

Reprtesentative for radiation Protection at Oldenburg University:

  • Dr. Anna-Maria Hartmann
    Telefon +49-(0)441-798 - 3932
    Telefax +49-(0)441-798-193932
    Room: W04-1-118
    (AG Neurogenetik)

Animal welfare officer at Oldenburg University:

Safety Engineer of Oldenburg University:

  • If you have questions about the occupational health and occupational security, please call our safety experts.

Martina Jäger (Changed: 2018-09-13)