Carsten Bauer

Room B 0-030

Location of the collection

The map collection is housed in the Central Library, most of it in the open stacks on the 1st floor next to the Geography section (ggr). Fragile map materials are stored in the stack room and can be viewed on request.



Contents of the colletion

The University Library map collection comprises geographical and historical maps, atlases, globes, aerial photographs and travel guides as well as numerous wall maps on various themes.

 Borrowing terms

All library users can request to view the maps. It is also possible to borrow maps for teaching and research purposes. The loan period is negotiable according to varying requirements, up to a maximum of 30 days. University teaching staff may also borrow maps for the duration of a semester.

Maps may be borrowed by the following persons:

  • Students and members of the University of Oldenburg and Jade Hochschule.
  • State school teachers and student teachers.

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