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Digital Services during the Corona Crisis

Last updated: Ocotber 1, 11:25 a.m.

Reacting to the current challenges by the Corona crisis, numerous publishers are offering access to journals, e-books and databases free of charge for a limited time. Here is an overview.

Research Information on COVID-19

Info on off-campus access

Wellcome Statement

Many research bodies, funders and medical publishers have joined with the Wellcome Trust in the effort of Sharing research data and findings relevant to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and are making their knowledge freely available.

List of projects on Corona at German universities, universities of applied sciences and clinics

The Bundesverband Hochschulkommunikation e.V. provides a nation-wide list of 320 projects,that are researching a multitude of facets of the Corona pandemic.

Newly licensed Access for Members of the University

The university library purchased (licensed) additional e-book packages of various publishers allowing members of the university full access for limited time spans. After the expiration of these time spans, relevant titles are to be permanently entered into the library's e-holdings. The portfolios are integrated into the library's catalog and their contents are available through ORBISplus.

Search ORBISplus

  • Mohr Siebeck: Ebook package „Theology 2020“. Full and permanent access. 
  • Pearson: 156 titles (German language only) in life sciences, economics, mathematics and computer sciences. To find all titles of this package, search in the "All Libraries" view (Gesamtsicht) in ORBISplus. Full access until December 31, 2020.

For more publishers, learned societies and other vendors that have opened up access to their online products for a limited time see below Free Access for Members of the Unversity. Registration may be required. Info on off-campus access.

Free Access for Members of the University

There is no restriction on the access (through ORBISplus, the database info-system DBIS and the electronic journals library EZB) to electronic resources licensed by the university library. Additionally, the following publishers, learned societies and other vendors have opened up access to their online products for a limited time. Registration may be required. 
Info on off-campus access.

  • Beck-online is the legal database of C. H. Beck. During the Corona crisis, access to the database will be via the university's VPN-Client. On Beck-online's web-page an additional registration is required. All relevant info can be found on the database's starting page. Remote access is available until December 31.
  • Thieme-Verlag eRef offers textbooks and a large number of media files in the areas of medicine, care, physiotherapy, chemistry and biology. Members of the university are granted full access until further notice.

Other libraries

Many libraries currently offer a simplified online registration at no charge. Registered users usually have access to the resp. holdings of e-books, e-journals and databases. 

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