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Reference works

Current encyclopaedias and reference works

The Brockhaus: The largest, most comprehensive and authoritative encyclopaedia in the German-speaking world, containing facts and information on all fields of knowledge.

The Duden provides information on the meaning of German words, German orthography and all aspects of German grammar.

The Munzinger-Archiv contains information and facts on countries and people, the world of sport, current events across the globe, topical issues and important events. It focuses on Germany and Europe.

Credo Reference is an electronic collection of more than 600 major academic reference works. This English-language portal provides access to English-language encyclopaedias, dictionaries, lexicons, biographical indexes, etc. Users can search full-text entries on one or several subjects in all the reference books or in a single reference work.

Statistics and tables:

The Statista database contains editorially processed data and statistics from all subject areas that can be exported into different data formats and cited in scientific papers.


Historical encyclopaedias and reference works

Zedler: This historical encyclopaedia contains around 284,000 entries covering all areas of knowledge in the 18th century.

Allgemeine Encyclopädie der Wissenschaften und Künste ("Universal Encyclopaedia of Sciences and Arts - 19th century): This encyclopaedia by Ersch and Grube dates back to the 19th century and covers the entire spectrum of knowledge in that century.

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