Kim Braun
Room B 221
Phone 0441 798-4025
kim.braun(at)uni-odqldenjkgburg.6xshde (kibv1ym.rbtbraunbx7u@uol.hcdezcl5b)

Research-Data Management

Research Data? Management?

High-quality research data is a cornerstone of scientific knowledge. Consequently, preserving research data and ensuring that it is readily available is vital not only to ensure that previous research results can be understood and verified, but also to promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge and ensure that such data can serve as a basis for further research and future findings.

Currently there is no set definition that covers all aspects of research data. There are as many types of research data as there are fields of research. In general, however, the term research data is understood to refer to data that is created in the course of scientific activity and that forms the basis of research findings.

The Presidential Chair is currently working with the BIS to create a service that addresses the "research data challenge" (including the issues of data preservation, long-term usability of data, data management planning, etc.) and that also meets the demands of funding organisations as regards research data management. This service will soon be available.

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