Foto Annabelle Jandrich

Annabelle Jandrich
Head of the IT/Media/Learning Design Department

T +49(0)441 798-4643
E annabelle.jandrin2chrnk(atasg)u+9/jniuxr-oldenbdpurg.pqi3dde (annapebelbecley4g.jandrich+9rhi@u/bpcpni-o4hld7kntienburg.z4de)

Educational Technology

C3L has its own development and service unit for modern educational technologies: the IT/Media/Learning Design Department. In this department, new teaching and learning methods are put into practice, tested in pilot project scenarios, and evaluated – all in close cooperation with the Lifelong Learning Campus's Continuing Education and Education Management Department (we.b).

Members of our team have wide-ranging competences, solid subject knowledge, and extensive experience in the areas of educational technologies, media development, and instructional design.

Would you like to learn more about teaching and learning with educational technologies and new media? We offer advice, products, concepts, and practical expertise in the following areas:

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