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Online learning environment C3LLO

The online learning environment of C3L

For study and continuing education

What is C3LLO?

C3LLO is an online learning environment. It was developed by the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg as an open source project founded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Our interdisciplinary team of developers has many years of experience with internet-based continuing education and a long history of productive work with the series of learning management systems that preceded this one. The evaluation data gathered over the years has been systematically incorporated into the design and development of C3LLO. The result is a mature system that is optimally adjusted to meet the needs of adult learners in continuing education.

What is special about C3LLO?

C3LLO provides optimal support for asynchronous and synchronous collaborative learning and online exercises, as well as easy management of exam results.

C3LLO was designed and developed to be highly flexible and easily adapted to individual requirements.

C3LLO‘s systematic yet flexible modular structure means that the interface can be tailored to an organization‘s corporate design, while at the same time its functions and tools can also be activated or deactivated as required, allowing optimal adjustment to different pedagogical models and user groups. In this way C3LLO always remains as compact as necessary and possible. This makes it more user-friendly, therefore saving time and resources.    

C3LLO comes equipped with a native mobile App for Android-smartphones and iPhones. This allows users to read and write articles even if currently there is no internet connection available.

Who needs C3LLO?

C3LLO is specially designed to meet the needs of part-time students, who wish to study online without interrupting their career. Its clear structure and the absence of distracting elements optimize the learning process. Learners and teachers can concentrate on the content without wasting time on complicated technology. All this makes C3LLO the system of choice for educational institutions that cater mainly to professionals.

How can I use C3LLO?

You can rent C3LLO from us here at C3L and we‘ll take care of all the associated tasks, from server maintenance to technical support. Alternatively you can host C3LLO yourself. We‘re also open to other interim solutions. Contact us and we‘ll find the optimal solution for your institution.  

(Changed: 2021-01-20)