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Project: Changing Direction

New perspectives after dropping out of university studies

In the new project "Changing direction", refugees and migrants are accompanied after drop-ping out of education. The goal is a self-determined and sustainable career start in Germany. Participants receive individual advice and document their learning experiences in a folder. On a digital learning platform and in workshops, they learn how to apply for a job and orient themselves on the job market. An internship provides an insight into a profession.

The project starts in November 2020.

Later participation is possible at any time. The project is open to anyone who has dropped out of their university studies in another country and is now looking for a way into the job market in Germany. Anyone who has completed a course of study in another country that is not recognized in Germany or does not provide a direct connection in the field can also participate.

The participation is free of charge. German language skills at B2 level are desired.

Are you interested? Please contact us and we will make a first appointment.

Project Content

There are 5 methods the project works with:

  • The portfolio is a folder that contains all relevant documents of the educational biography of the participants and in which the development during participation will be documented.
  • Individual guidance supports the participants during the entire duration of the project. Possible challenges, difficulties or opportunities are discussed in regular individual appointments.  The participants document their experiences in order to be able to reflect on their developments.
  • The workshops help to deepen the learned content and offer the opportunity for questions and networking amongst the participants.
  • The Internship gives an insight into the work field. The participants are supported in preparing their application and receive individual support during the internship. Any challenges or difficulties that arise can be identified directly and discussed with or without a supervisor.  Thus not only the participants receive support, but also the companies.
  • The digital learning platform contains learning materials (videos and educational games) on various topics, such as: Orientation to the training and job market, basics of the legal framework in the education and professional system, exercises for the application process, recognition of existing qualifications and the handling of missing evidence.

Goal of the Project

The participants should be supported in their search for a job and training place. In order to achieve this, it is important for us to make one’s own competencies visible and reflect on them, to get to know the educational and vocational system in Germany and to enable the participants to move within it independently.

The project is supported, among others, by the Cloppenburg Educational Counseling Center, the Oldenburg Educational Counseling Center, Catholic Adult Education, the Oldenburg Chamber of Crafts and the pro:connect association.

Information for Advice Centers and Internship Companies

The portfolios can be of great support for advice centers, as they go beyond the presentation of educational path and opportunities for recognition:  They provide concrete information on the current level of education and on the level of different competencies and possible potential for the future.

The participants will be supported by our team during the internship, thus the internship companies also receive competent support from us in order to quickly solve difficulties, misunderstandings etc.  In this way, optimal conditions for successful professional practice can be created together.

Coordination and networking with other advisory bodies at the local, state, and federal level as well as with internship companies is a major concern of the project.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for individual questions and information.



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